Day 13 – 11/18/10 – Stormy

I drove home under a very interesting sky this evening.  Bright blue mixed with roiling, nasty gray and black clouds.  Interesting cloud formations have always been something I’ve enjoyed, and have made images of on a number of occasions.  I’ve created some that I really like, but I still haven’t been able to capture exactly the image I want.  I gave it another go this evening.

I like the coloration in this shot, though I couldn’t get quite as wide as I’d have liked too.  That’s not due to gear limitations, rather the location and position of the clouds.  They were low enough that a slight turn of the camera to either side would have the clouds obscured by nearby houses.  I’m not sure the tighter shot conveys how angry the forming clouds appeared.

Like the moon shot from yesterday, it’s safe to expect I’ll be revisiting this subject during the course of the Photos to 40 project.

Storm clouds forming in a bright blue sky

Storm clouds forming in a bright blue sky

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One Response to Day 13 – 11/18/10 – Stormy

  1. Ness Flores says:

    Love the color of the clouds. Excellent framing. Great shot Jim.

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