Day 10 – 11/15/10 – Vices

I set out this evening to continue the exploration of common kitchen items that I started before the Disney trip.  I also pulled out the light tent for the first time.  I learned several things, namely: a) light tents work better with movable lights and b) cloth backgrounds really should be ironed before use.  Wrinkles galore!  I’ll rectify both of those issues over the next few days.

In the meantime, I just may treat myself to a little reward for my first successful light tent shot!

A pair of pleasant vices, scotch and cigar.

A pair of pleasant vices

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2 Responses to Day 10 – 11/15/10 – Vices

  1. Duoae says:

    Bushmills is my favourite whisky. Or is that Whiskey? I forget which one the Irish version is 😀

  2. Jim Reed says:

    I’m usually a Scotch man myself, but I make an exception for Bushmill 🙂 Particularly this bottle which I picked up on vacation several years ago and now save for special occasions.

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